IFDNRG Case Study: TedX At EUSA

We handled broadcasting the recent TedX event at EUSA's Pleasance Theatre.

TedX are independently organised TED events and there was no shortage of fascinating and inspiring talks.

  • Project: TedX Live Web cast
  • Edinburgh University Students Association ( EUSA)
    • Fast turnaround, 1 weeks notice
    • Support for scalable viewers
    • Mobile Support
    • Dynamic live graphics

The theme was Thinking in Abundance.

The TEDxUniversityofEdinburgh team hope that Thinking in Abundance will spark discussion and catalyse debate around some of the biggest problems facing our society.

This theme encompasses the scarcity and abundance of resources, new definitions of want and need, and fresh perspectives upon problematic issues. Thinking in Abundance is about looking again at problems and instead of seeing them as a deficit, using what we do have to make connections, find inspiration, and solve issues.

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