IFDNRG have massive, multihomed, redundant capacity

Network Capacity

Our web and video network has been designed from the ground up to handle high traffic load and we specialise in providing a scalable platform for extremely busy sites or events.

In order to manage high loads we ensure that all aspects of the network are flexible, burstable and resilient

  • Servers: Clustered banks of servers to handle high volume web, live or on demand load.
  • Routers: Redundant managed Cisco gigabit routers.
  • Border Routers: Redundant Quagga routers with multiple gigE.
  • Monitoring: All aspects of the underlying framework are monitired continuosly in realtime.

Unlike many other providers, we own and maintain our own hardware and network, we do not merely resell third party services. As a result we know exactly how to handle your high volume event.

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