Secure, Reliable, Affordable business hosting

Secure, reliable, affordable Business hosting

IFDNRG has over 20 years of experience hosting business critical websites and webservices. We can offer a stable environment for your business to grow, combining extremely fast performance and rock solid reliability.

Is 100% possible?

Any host offering 0% downtime is probably guilty of exaggerating or not doing enough server updates. We don't blindly accept that things will always go to plan, and as a result we're prepared for when that happens.

Hot Spare Servers

All IFDNRG services; web, database, email, video, (everything) are duplicated onto a live hot paired server so that in the event of hardware failure we have a backup already in place.

In fact we typically have a given website actually live (including databases) on no fewer than 4 seperate but distributed servers. This not only protects against hardware failure, but also allows us and clients to test updates on major software updates without risking a live site.

IFDNRG servers have a maximum lifetime of 3 years in service after which they are rotated out, this helps us avoid hardware faults and keeps us at the edge of new technology.

Business Hosting Experience

Unlike many hosts who rely on pre bought management tools, our extensive knowledge of server systems has been earned by building up our own systems and tools. This means that if something goes wrong with an update or similar we have the experience and skills to fix it at source rather than depending on any third parties.

Our expertise and unique blend of services has attracted a diverse range of clients including some of the worlds largest brands.

Business Hosting Performance

From our background as a streaming provider we don't stint at all on web server performance. All servers are monitored 24/7 for any anomalies, are high specification machines and which get regularly replaced to avoid hardware problems (typically an edge server is given 3 yrs before being rotated for a new machine).

Business Hosting Location

Despite data centers springing up all over the UK, location is still critically important for network performance. As IFDNRG servers are on our own PI space on the backbone of the internet, your site will outperform the majority of hosts in the UK (if not the world.)

Business Friendly Hosting

As a business ourselves we know how critical our website is. Without a secure, reliable and fast website we simply could not operate.

Best Business Web Hosting

When you make your decision regarding your business web host then you should consider us the Best Business web host on the following criteria:

  • Trusted host with over 20 yrs experience in high profile web hosting.
  • A well managed excellently connected network, staffed by people who know what they are doing
  • Friendly but professional support for when you you need it
  • High specification machines.
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