IFDNRG Datacenter

Linux Vs FreeBSD (or FreeBSD vs Linux!)

Most discerning websites will be hosted on the open source linux operating system with associated software such as Apache, PHP and MySQL.

IFDNRG are very much into using open source hosting tools, but after several iterations and years of experience have opted for FreeBSD hosting instead of the more obvious choice of Linux.

We have tried and tested various linux distributions (such as Redhat, Slackware, Debian, Ubuntu etc, but have finally, and happily, settled on FreeBSD.

Why we prefer FreeBSD

  • FreeBSD is developed as a complete operating system, whereas with linux kernel, userland and applications are developed seperately.
  • It is the result of almost 3 decades continual development, one of the most unix-like unixes out there.
  • The package system works well, is simple to automate and there's no rpm dependency hell.
  • We're very much interested in base stability than support for feature X which we very likely don't need or want.
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