IFDNRG Matrix Video Server Platform

Windows Media Streaming

IFDNRG are an authorised Windows Media hosting and Digital Rights Management licence provider.

Windows Media streaming has established itself as a stable and scalable platform for streaming, with good quality video codecs and industry leading solutions for challenges such as pay per view content.

Even though industry developments such as Flash streaming are becoming increasingly popular for on demand files, Windows media server still leads the pack in terms of a stable and reliable live streaming solution.

Windows Media Encoder:

For live streaming , Windows media encoder is a free, robust and feature rich encoding client with a variety of options for encoding live and on demand content.

Windows Media facilities:

  • Live and On demand streaming on a trusted platform
  • Robust and Scalable Platform,
  • Mature 5th generation formats,
  • A choice of backwards compatible high quality codecs
  • Quick Start streaming on Windows 2003 server platforms.
  • Secure Digital Rights Management support
  • Ecommerce Integration
  • Integrated and detailed client statistics
ifdnrg windows media platform